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Saturday, 5 July 2014

20140704 Duplicating Objects on a Deforming Surface Script

20140704 Duplicating Objects on a Deforming Surface Script from Patrick Woo on Vimeo.
An extension from the tool from my previous video that merely sticks objects to a surface's normal, I have added distance control functionality.

Each duplicated object on the deforming surface now scales in reaction to the distance between itself an a control object. I also included an inverse distance and pulse mode with speed controls.

This is one way to manipulate the behavior of multiple objects with a few simplified controls and attribute values.

My script takes any 3 objects to be the surface, the object to duplicate across the surface, and finally, a control object to affect the scale of the array of the duplicated objects.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Good Introduction to Maya API Programming from Chad Vernon

I know my posts are all over the place, but I found this Maya API tutorial.

Chad Vernon is a Character TD, Studio Pipeline TD and Software engineer. He was previously a Creature Pipeline TD at Digital Domain. Here's a write-up on Chad at CG-Circuit.

In his blog, Chad has some very useful of technical resources that will greatly fellow artists and TDs, mostly in the areas of Maya and Direct X.

Do take a look at his Maya API related links at his site: http://www.chadvernon.com/blog/resources/

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Michael Isner's Quaternion tutorials and insights

More quaternion resources! A fellow colleague pointed me to this site.


In the page Michael shows us how we should approach rotations, and with concise diagrams, how we can visualise what is happening to our objects as we operate on them.

Check it out if you are a geek wannabe, just like me ;)

Quaternion. The magic of the 3-Dimensional space.

So I'm reading up on the concept of quaternions.

Stumbled upon this page by arlab.com entitled
Quaternion The Magic of the 3-Dimensional Space

It's a simple introduction to problems related to rotations in 3D spaces and why quaternion is an efficient way to deal with this.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

20140701 Cubes on a Deforming Plane

20140701 Cubes on a Deforming Plane from Patrick Woo on Vimeo.

Here's my latest test: an array of procedurally generated cubes on a deforming plane,

This is probably a piece of cake to Houdini users, but in Maya, without some rigging knowledge and scripting automation, the average artist would probably not be able to pull this off.

This is a playblast from Maya's viewport 2.0, with motion blur, screen-space ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing.