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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Some Credit shots from The Dark Knight Rises

Lots of my friends went to watch the film over the past few days and snapped some imags from the credits roll (please forgive them for snapping images off the screen, since its not from scenes from the actual film). 

There were a lot more people who poured out hours of extra work and effort to make this film the success it is. Credit rolls never adequately list out the full strength of all the people involved.

My name is one of those not on the list. I was putting in the extra hours on the work and arriving at the office and hour or two every day for 3 months. I did it for the love of my craft, and because I knew it was going to be an awesome film. My work involved touching up and refining the model of the Bat and the Batpod for lower-polygon requirements. 

The Dark Knight Rises is Finally Out!

After watching everybody's hard work on the show, its finally finished and going to be shown in theatres! I'll be watching it in GV Max (Singapore of course) tomorrow :)

The film was so fully booked that I could only squeeze myself into the fifth row from the screen. Well, closer is better I guess. I'll be able to appreciate how huge the screen is. Huge screen == more awesomeness!

I have only worked on the project for about 4 months but it was a hard and intense period of rushing. I will definitely be proud of the work and effort from everybody working on the film when I sit there watching it tomorrow. It will be epic!

Scouring the internet for pictures and video trailers and snippets, I found an awesome article from www.eonline.com that had 5 video clips interviewing actors like Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman and Tom Hardy.

Here are some posters and shots of the movie I managed to find online, just to get myself excited :)
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I think the marketing department really launched a huge campaign for this film. Just look at the number of publicity images and movie posters! 

Some additional images I found: