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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

An Pleasant Show of Appreciation

6 July 2011, Monday

Today Janson told me he finished his matchmove shot for a trailer that was due to be out. 

It wasn't an easy shot. Motion blurred plate all the way, and he only had 2-3 days to do it, and had to stay back 2 of the days.

He told me he was relieved and satisfied that he was able to do it.

He also thanked me for my align-object-to-camera tool. He told me for a good part he depended on that to get his camera into the right place. The other parts were many tweaks on the graph editor and manual nudging of the camera.

It means a lot to me that people actually appreciate my work, and stop to thank me for it. Also gives me a sense of accomplishment, that my script is useful enough to help people speed up their work.

Here's a link to show what my "align to camera" mel script does.