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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

FL Studio Merchandise Artwork Contest

I've entered in the FL Studio Merchandising Artwork Contest from Image-Line.

Actually they are asking for artwork to print existing products in their online store. These include t-shirts, water bottles, slippers, etc. But my entry is actually suggesting a product that does not exist in their store.

The following turn-table models are modelled in Maya, rendered with Mental Ray. The text inset in the box are displacement maps. Using Mental Ray approximation editor, I had to turn up  the smoothing iterations to 5 on the animated turntable. The rendering time for that came up to about 1min 20seconds per frame.

In addition, I had to submit a 2K still for the contest. For that I had to bring the iterations in the approximation editor up to 8. That took about 33mins for a still frame. (Maya crashed when I set the iteration value higher than 8).

Fruity Coin Bank

Fruity Candy Bar with an open lid

Fruity Candy Bar with a closed lid

A sample high-res render (original was 2000 x 1500)