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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pixologic ZClassroom

Hey what's up guys :)

Quite recently I've started doing TD work at Double Negative Singapore, together with a couple of colleagues. Our roles are Environment TDs, to be precise.

We're suppposed to do a bit of modelling, texturing and lighting. Modelling and texturing are not really my strong areas. I hope I can rise up to the challenge, and up my skill level in these areas.

YC has started to use ZBrush to texture his model. I've always had some mental resistance to ZBrush. It started years ago when I first lay eyes on the software interface. Being totally baffled by the interface, I shunned from the software ever since.

I was quite happy when Mudbox came out, because it was very much more intuitive, being much closer to the Maya interface. I've also taken a short course on Mudbox at CG Protege.

However, looks like ZBrush is more well received and widely used in games/TV/films. Our company now has ZBrush licences, but not Mudbox ones yet.

So I'm going to be a sport, and start learning ZBrush, which is the company's tool of ch
oice it seems.

I'm currently going through the official training materials from the ZClassroom on the Pixologic website.

I'm now going through all the basics at my own time. User interface, shortcut keys, navigation, etc. It looks to be going well so far. Not as hard as I thought it would be. I've mostly been watching and have not been really doing. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.