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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I recently came to know about www.codecademy.com. This is a free site that tries to get more people to be script-literate. This is achieved through taking the individual through a series of well planned and interactive lessons, broken up into sections, to be consumed weekly for a few weeks.

The interactive nature makes it really easy to pick up and retain the information learnt, because the student actually types in code himself/herself. The badges and achievements system works really well to motivate the student to carry on an stick with the lessons. ;)

I highly recommend this for folks who are really interested to begin to write MEL. Even though this is Javascript, the syntax is uncanny in similarity to MEL.

Having had some scripting background, I breezed through a good part of the foundation lessons (earning points and badges as I go along)

Go over and have a look if you want to pick up a useful scripting language. Javascript is used in many of the webpages we visit today. Being readable and executable by a web browser (which is present in EVERY computer today), you can be sure that you are picking up a scripting language that can be used on every web browser. Good mileage I would say.

Update: 3 Aug 2012
There is a new course at Codecademy for the Python language. Check out my blog post.