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Friday, 9 September 2011



3D-coat is an application that works on the principle of voxel-sculpting. It can take your model from the first bit of digital clay up to the textured, sculpted state that is ready for production. In other words you can create your model, sculpt, displace, and re-topo, create UVs, texture and even render your model, all in the one single application.

It is interoperable with Adobe Photoshop, preserving layer information on textures and transparency. It runs on all popular OS platforms (Linux, Windows and MacOs). It allows you to reorganise the topography of your sculpts, and even supports Disney's Ptex system. It also supports rendering with multiple lights (including area lights / ambient occlusion) right in the application.

There are professional node-locked and floating licences available, Non-commercial licenses, educational licenses as well as non-professional (hobbyists, elderly, unemployed) licenses.

There is also a friendly community and a good pool or learning resources on the website.

I'll definitely keep an eye out on the development of this product.

Interestingly enough the creators of this product has really strong Christian beliefs and principles. It is really encouraging to see Christian professionals successful where they are in their fields, and at the same time professing their beliefs in Christ.