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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

FX Guide's Roll Call for the Avengers

Phew, finally we can stop holding our breaths as the Avengers hit the big screens all around the world!

Over the last weekend a huge number of my friends (and colleagues) went to watch the film. Afterwards they either excitedly talked about it, or commented on social networks how awesome it was. It was hard work not to read comments that came close to being spoilers when they spring up in front of you on your Facebook update. :)

Having to work over the weekends did not allow me the luxury to watch the film, plus I'll be going an a week-long tour end of this week. So I'll be wishing really hard that the movie will still be showing when I return from my trip.

In the mean time, here's a good article from fxguide.com. Behind the scenes vfx crew like visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs, previs supervisor Nick Markel (The Third Floor) and Jeff White (ILM) share about their experiences and process of creating and sustaining the epic visuals that show up so casually in the film.

This image is the property of fxguide.com

So I'll have to content myself with reading this in the mean time, and listening to this Fxguide podcast. In this fxPodcast, Jeff White from ILM talks about the digital New York that was created in the film, and Hulk.
Fxpodcast 6, May 2012: The Avengers