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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week 2 in London - Grabbed a Compact Camera Today!

Its week 2 in London, and I've managed to part with some money.

I've bought a compact camera on week 2. Its a Samsung PL201, 15 megapixels with 7x Optical zoom and a dual image stabilisation function (optical IS + digital IS). Got it from Argos for £99.

Here's the documented process of opening the packaging for my camera:
The box does make the camera look a bit cheap, but I'd rather they spend more money to make the camera better than on the packaging :)

I realised that working with a DSLR isn't the most convenient thing most of the time. For everyday photography needs, something that can be tucked into a pocket is definitely better than having a DSLR hanging from the neck. I realised I was missing out on a lot of nice pictures that could have been taken when commuting to and from work.

This PL201 camera has a great latitude (or dynamic range). It can take quite a wide range of constrasting brightness values. Here's a sample shot showing almost white-out areas and very dark areas while still showing detail: