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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Introduction to Expressions in Maya

I've just posted a video introduction to what expressions are and how to achieve a few basic movements with expressions. In this very basic introduction to expressions in Maya, I talk about how with expressions, we can drive attributes of objects with the current frame, the current time, or with another attribute that is animated.

First I talk about what expressions are, where in the Maya interface we can input expressions, how to create them, and update them.

Then I show the simplest form of expression, where we learn to feed an attribute with a constant value.

Following that I make use of the frame variable to read the value of the current frame in the timeline to drive our object's attribute.

Then I get a bit more complex, showing how to use subtraction, division and multiplication to offset,, amplify or reduce the the resulting value to a fraction of what it would otherwise be.

I also briefly show how to use the connection editor to connect 2 attributes, so that the value of 1 attribute drives the attribute of the other.