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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Robotic Musicians known as: Intel's Industrial Control in Concert

Intel is showcasing the precision and practical applications of its processors in real-time control, precision sensitive tasks in an industrial environment like the one in the video.

Besides being amazed by the technological precision and sustained performance in the machines and processors, the music is also pretty cool.

This is the actualisation of an original animation of machine parts that create music by launching balls to hit sound-emitting pieces of instruments/machine parts. Here's the original video:

The amazing thing is that Intel has managed to design such an actual machine, and has programmed and designed processors to turn a whimsical idea into reality. This is an instance where artistic visual actually drives practical design.

It currently seems like the balls are being thrown out to trigger a single note at per ball. It would be even more cool if the balls were re-used, timed to hit multiple pieces taking into account their bouncing trajectory :)

Class Activity: Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm 2012 from Patrick Woo on Vimeo.

This is a class exercise conceptualised by Kooi Chek the original instructor for VFX at Cg Protégé and head of FX at Tiny Island Productions. KC has created a complete version for the class.

The purpose of the exercise was to give students an opportunity to apply their knowledge of particle systems, volumetric lighting and rendering techniques, after they learn about Afterburn.

Here I've taken that exercise and redone it with my own look and timing. I've also given it a bit more of a dramatic lighting, including animated lights cast by 'lightning'.

If you are in Singapore and looking to get pick up practical skills in cg and visual effects please look up CG Protégé's vfx and other courses here.