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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Maya Expressions Part 04 - Twisting Cubes

Video also available on Vimeo.com.

In Maya Expressions Part 4, we start to use expressions across multiple objects. This results in an interesting rig where the objects driven by expression can arrange themselves in interesting ways.

In my set up, every cube has a slight offset in translation and rotation to the one before, As the first cube moves along its x-axis, the spacing between cubes and each of their rotations change and react to reflect that change.

In the video I also show how I structure my expression so that as much as possible, the same code can be applied to each cube with minimal alteration. With the standardised code and minimal change for each of the cube, it will become relatively easy to replicate this behaviour to as many extra cubes as required without hassle.

Maya Expressions is my running series introducing and using the powerful expression function in Maya to achieve tasks that would otherwise be very manual or inefficient to set up and manage.

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