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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How Differential Gear Works

I've been thinking about how cars' wheels are rigged up to move at different speeds in real life, and yet be able to be driven by a power source at the same time.

This video is the perfect answer to my question. The solution is ingenious and the video explains it really well!

My good friend +William Lin  further shared these videos on my Facebook post:

And finally a video which was referenced from this link on Reddit.

nParticles Test: nParticlesFillContainer

20150407 nParticlesFillContainer v01 01 from Patrick Woo on Vimeo.

This is a test that I've done a few months ago. It is done in Maya, using nParticles system.

The particles are set to "Use Liquid Simulation", and to collide with all the visibile geometry in the scene, including the invisible sandbox acting as the boundary to the whole simulation. Each of the colliding geometry needs to be set-up as a passive nMesh for the collision to take place.

The particle colour is mapped to a ramp that depends on their velocity.

The final particles count is 816,540.