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Monday, 2 April 2012

Singapore Grand Prix promotional video 2012

Here is the Singapore Grand Prix promotional video in action.

My partner Kuodo Cheok designed, modelled and animated the geometry.

I rigged, lighted, and created shaders for the animated geometry.

In the beginning I created a script to enable a geometrical object to have its vertices and edges replaced by spheres and tubes which are able to grow and extend. At the end the growing was not needed.

Realflow Milk Pour 20120402

Realflow Milk Pour 20120402 from Patrick Woo on Vimeo.
I started with a partially filled volume (of milk). While letting it fall to fill the shape of the invisible glass, I introduced another fluid into the mix (chocolate/coffee stuff). These are meshed as 2 separate objects, and then imported into Maya to be lit and rendered.

This time I had a better set-up for lighting and shaders. I also brought up the motion-blur factor from 1.0 to 2.6.

Realflow Milk Pour 20120331

Realflow Milk Pour 20120331 from Patrick Woo on Vimeo.
Testing of a fluid filling a container. Rendered with Mental Ray in Maya

I had a friend asking if I could help achieve the effect of milk pouring into a container. Here's my initial test of milk pouring into a glass that's hidden so we can see the milk. I did this in Realflow 2012.