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Saturday, 30 April 2011


I've been wanting to start learning PyQt for a long time. Skeel tells me its a good UI library to master.

He's shown me a really basic script that uses PyQt in Linux, at work. I've tried a few times to install PyQt at home, so I can learn at my own time and try things out. I must have been doing something wrong, because I could not get PyQt library to work on my machine.

Tonight I searched again for tutorials on how to install PyQt, and I found this site!

Its a really straightforward tutorial, easy to follow, and it gives us links to effortlessly download the installation files. I've just installed PyQt and run my first PyQt script - a 'hello world' window with a button. :)

From what I read, it used to be harder to set it up, but now the installation is much friendlier and hassle free, if you are intending to install that on your machine :)

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