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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Learning PyMel

I had some time these few days to go back to a bit of scripting.

Skeel has strongly suggested that I go towards PyQt for user interface stuff, and from the last couple of articles, I sucessfully installed it on my machine.

Now Skeel has given me a bigger challenge. I'm now teaching myself Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in order to use PyQt efficiently. I'm reading around and asking Skeel now and then when I run into problems.

On the subject of OOP, Skeel has also recommended that I use PyMel to write my scripts because its much more object oriented in its approach. PyMel is "Python in Maya done right".

PyMel is a module that writes on top of Maya's existing Python architecture that dramatically changes the way Python is implemented in Maya. It's object oriented using classes and methods, making it easier to make sense of commands which are more in context of each object instead of having a huge heap of commands piled in Maya's python documentation, making it hard to find what you really need.

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