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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cast and Crew Screening of Captain America: The First Avenger

On Friday, 2 days ago, in a surprising announcement, we were told that there was to be a cast and crew screening of Captain America at the Empire Theatre at Leicester Square. So we got ourselves tickets for 5 of us from Singapore. 

The actual film will be released on 29th July 2011, but we get a cast and crew screening 5 days ahead of time. How awesome is that?? :)

The screening will start at 10am, but they will start letting people in from 8.30am. They said there would be security screening for people who enter the theatre.

YC, Francis and I arrived at Leicester Square at 8.15am. Mengdi left the house later than us. There were a few familiar faces hanging out in front of the Empire. Still too early to admit people, so we went to grab breakfast, at Macdonald's Leicester Square.

My breakfast: Sausage egg mcMuffin meal

The queue

I've gone to cast and crew screenings before, on Hellboy and 10,000 BC. So it wasn't new to me, but I still felt the same excitement. I am sure YC, Francis and Mengdi felt much more excited than me! :)

Everybody was given a pack of popcorns an a bottle of mineral water. We were still early when we entered the cinema. They had asked for us to surrender any device that was capable of recording images and sound. These were put in a zip-lock bag, tagged and a corresponding tag given to us. Just before entering the theatre, there was security with a hand-held metal detector to make sure we did not have electronics on us. After we were seated, we had to wait about 40 mins before the film started.

The show was quite entertaining and the visuals were quite well done. My name was on the credits! :) I was doing a bit of TD work for the film. The thing that surprised me, was the huge number of studios that worked on the film. If I am not wrong, Double Negative was the main vendor for visual effects.

From Facebook, I knew Alvin had gotten himself tickets to the screening as well, so I asked him for lunch after the show. We met up and decided to go Bodeans for lunch. This place was known for ribs, but we decided to go for their Prime Beef Burger.

Thats the Prime Beef Burger

Alvin's hotdog with all-beef sausage

Me and Alvin with a monkey painting behind us
More photos from the same week here: 

Finally, here are some more pictures of me and the movie posters at a tube station. (I think it was Balham tube station)

Helping to hold up the shield ;)

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