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Saturday, 23 July 2011

HowStuffWorks and WonderHowTo

I was looking for some tutorials on Houdini and came across this page:

Then I realise that this site is hosts a huge collection of videos that show you how to do stuff. From showing how to cut your own hair, or put on make-up, it also shows you how to create mechanical stuff or do your own modification to your computers, tvs, etc. :)

All in all its an informative and hands-on website. I would put it together in the same category as Wikipedia and HowStuffWorks, although these 2 sites are more informative than hands-on DIY demonstration.

I am now intrigued by the featured article on the main page of HowStuffWorks: Are There Any Other Universes Like Ours Out There?

So here are the links:

I am a Christian but I am also a sci-fi fan. Working in the line of visual effects, how can I not be a fan of sci-fi? :)

I believe in this world, while human knowledge is limited, God's knowledge isn't. We use our powers of observation, scientific research, finding, and sometimes a little bit of imagination, to try and understand the sometimes theorise the mysteries of world we live in.

I am not of the belief that God and science are mutually exclusive. Instead I believe science reveals the wonder of our Creator. However I also do not believe in the Darwinian theory of evolution.

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