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Thursday, 15 December 2011


I finally got to watch Godaizer, the short film that my friend Hillary Yeo created. For about 2 months just before Double Negative set up in Singapore, I was helping out with this project while doing research and leg-work for the setting-up of the dneg facility in Singapore. So in a way Hillary was also my former boss. :)

Hillary has entered this short film into quite a few film festivals. 

I was helping out on this film as a generalist TD. I did a bit of animation, previz, asset creation, layout, lighting, props rigging and rendering. I also helped out a little bit on helping out with workflow improvements and researching techniques to help solve production issues. These included projection mapping, transferring of UV textures. I wrote a few scripts to help with projection, uv-transfers, and cloth simulation for static models. 

All in all I am excited and proud that the film is completed! Well done, Hillary!

Please watch it and "like" it if you enjoy it! Leave some comments on the Vimeo page too!

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