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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Geeks Win!

Alvin Yap posted this on facebook today :)

This is the typical geek cycle when assigned with repetitive tasks. We try to make things faster and hopefully in the end it results in time saved, we feel better about ourselves that we made things work more efficiently, and, we made good use of our brains our problem solving skills. Yey! 

Of course there's also the possibility that the script fails miserably, and we end up not being able to automate it, scripting fails, and we have to pick up exactly where we left off, and continue the task the manual way. O_O

Skeel commented that we also do need to determine if the task is worth automating because the script also needs to be tested to make sure it works. 

There is another of Alvin's friends who also commented that additional time debugging and failing multiple times before succeeding should also be taken into consideration. This is not reflected in the graph.

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