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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Singapore Grand Prix Project is Online

I was helping a friend out with his project. It is a TV commercial for promoting the Singapore's Formula1 2012. We handed over to the client beginning of February 2012.

It has begun airing on TV channels. My colleague spotted it on sports pay-TV channels. The video is also featured on the F1 Singapore official website:
The page might get updated at the end of the year so I've decided to do a screen capture of the page. 
The project ended looking pretty close to their storyboards, but the animation was quite different from the brief my friend first received.

We spent a lot of time testing and refining a certain technique only to be discarded in favour of a very much simpler and computationally cheap method which can easily be achieved.

I even wrote a PyMel script to set-up any polygonal object to enable lines to grow and join at every edge and thus tracing out the wireframe shape of the final object.

But I believe nothing is ever wasted, that I've learnt something new throughout this whole process.

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