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Friday, 3 August 2012

Python Course Available at Codecademy

Codecademy has just come up with a new scripting course for the Python language.

Python is very prevalent in the software and application circle as a prototyping and a scripting language especially.

Python's syntax is very similar to English. This makes it very easy for beginners of programming to pick up the language, as well as concepts that are important to programming. The object oriented nature of the language also ensure's its relevance to modern coding practices and paradigms.

Many major 3D and compositing software package have scripting capabilities, and Python has almost become a universally common language amongst them. Some of these applications are: Autodesk Maya, Next Limit Realflow, Sidefx Houdini, The Foundry Nuke, etc.

I wrote about Codecademy in a previous blog post, when I was going through the Javascript course. Frankly I have not really finished that one, mainly due to the fact that I had to shelf a webpage project that I thought could make use of Javascript.

Codecademy uses an ingenious idea of awarding points and badges to every lesson and milestone reached, thus you can visually see your achievement and appreciate your own progress. This approach makes you feel the same advancement and achievement akin to playing a game.

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