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Thursday, 13 September 2012

3DS Max Tutorial: Particles Emitter Part 1 - Snow

This is the first of a series of tutorial I am going to be creating. In this first series I will be showing particle emitters. This video starts with 3D Studio Max's snow emitter.

Since I started teaching visual effects in the capacity of VFX consultant 2 months  ago, I am faced with the repeated need to reiterate how to use certain features of the software because students could not remember, and needed to be reminded. So I decided to keep a collection of tutorials that students (and myself) can revise to.


  1. Hi Patrick, do visit my tumblr :D http://aioliahanatsuki.tumblr.com/
    Give me some commwent and feedback thank you

    Ps Samson here

    1. Hey Samson. Nice to be connected like this. You have lots of stuff on your site, and I think you are really hardworking.

      Keep up the good work and very Soon you shall become more well-rounded artist! I am very happy to see you post up stuff that you have been doing. It will show employers that you are indeed passionate in your field!

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