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Saturday, 5 January 2013

James Bond - Skyfall: The Making Of

I came across an article in CG-Space talking about the making of Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie. In the article, Bogdan Peter Istrate expressed how much he admired the invisible role of VFX in the film. 

He recognises the fact that we often only recognise VFX in the kind of movies which the VFX screams out at you, but often forget that there are also huge amounts of visual effects done to those subtle films from genres that you would never have expected the shots to be touched by any visual effects work. Bogdan feels that good vfx should not even be noticeable. there is a whole lot of VFX work done to the films that we may not even know its there (yes, those that were not included in special/bonus features or covered in 'making-of' articles.

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