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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Black Magic Releases Fusion 7 Absolutely FREE

From the text message of an excited friend today, I learnt that Fusion 7 from EyeOn software has become absolutely free. This sounds like a bogus piece of news. However, a quick search through the internet confirmed the news!

This is definitely exciting. From an article on the StudioDaily site, I found more news. Eyeon Software has been bought over by BlackMagic Design 2 months ago, and Fusion will now be developed  by them.
Fusion has a long-standing and solid history in the history of high-end compositing software for visual effects work in TV and Film. In its latest version, Fusion 7 comes in 2 flavours: Fusion 7 and Fusion 7 Studio. While Fusion 7 was originally US$2.495, it is now free. the Studio version now costs US$995 to upgrade to. Read here for a complete list that compares the two versions.

When BlackMagic Design released Fusion for free, they want to continue their spirit of revolutionising the industry, delivering high quality and high performance products at very affordable prices.

BlackMagic stresses that Fusion is not tied to subscription of annual maintenance fee, does not need an Internet connection, and does not have additional charges for per-node rendering licenses. BlackMagic also promises that it has no intention in the future to introduce the subscription based model into Fusion.

BlackMagic Design has definitely set itself up to shake-up the market and turn heads in an industry where technology is pivotal in the business, and ever so often, developers of high end tools tries to bleed the wallets of studios and production facilities at every chance they can.

I really applaud the spirit of BlackMagic Design, and I sincerely hope that with an ease in the cost of the software, companies now have some headroom to reapportion their resources so that hardworking and deserving people (like under-paid artists at the bottom, hint hint) get better remuneration.  :)

Current owners of Fusion 7 will get a free upgrade to the Fusion 7 Studio.

Download Fusion 7 today!


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